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Changing anesthesia providers can be stressful. With Allegiant Anesthesia, it doesn't have to be. Because of our experience and expertise, we understand the process and are prepared for any scenario. 

Allegiant Anesthesia provides local anesthesia practice stability through strong onsite medical leadership.

We offer the regional support, innovation and national resources small groups lack, and our highly skilled care teams create high-performing anesthesia departments that create safe care, greater outcomes and enhanced patient experiences.

What you can expect from us

  • Clinical excellence through evidence based patient safety protocols

  • Real-time data collection, analysis and regular reporting

  • Perioperative medicine

  • Collaborative contract management

  • Experienced executives supporting clinical and administrative operations

  • Continuous performance assessment and adjustment 

  • Ongoing professional development

Department Leadership

Recruitment and Credentialing 

Revenue Management 

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